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Top 10 Valuable Washington Quarters Coins In Circulation

    Top 10 Valuable Washington Quarters Coins In Circulation

    Collecting Washington quarters is a popular pastime among numismatists, with certain rare editions fetching significant sums. This article explores the top 10 valuable Washington quarters still in circulation, offering insights into their history, rarity, and features that make them sought after by collectors.

    Top 10 Valuable Washington Quarters Coins In Circulation

    1. 1932-D Washington Quarter

    The 1932-D Washington quarter stands as one of the most coveted coins in the series, with its low mintage of only 436,800 pieces making it a rarity. Minted in Denver, this quarter is highly sought after, especially in well-preserved condition. Collectors can expect to pay hefty sums, with prices often exceeding thousands of dollars for specimens in top grades.

    2. 1932-S Washington Quarter

    Similar to its Denver counterpart, the 1932-S quarter, minted in San Francisco, boasts a low mintage of 408,000 coins. This scarcity drives its value, with high-grade examples attracting considerable interest and commanding premium prices in the collectors’ market.

    3. 1934-D Doubled Die Washington Quarter

    The 1934-D doubled die quarter features a notable doubling of the date and other elements on the obverse, making it a prized error coin. While its mintage could be higher, the doubled die variety is rare and highly valued, especially in higher grades.

    4. 1937-S Washington Quarter

    The 1937-S quarter is another key date in the Washington series, with a relatively low mintage of 1.652 million coins. Its scarcity, especially in higher condition grades, makes it a sought-after piece among collectors, with values reflecting its rarity.

    5. 1942-D Doubled Die Washington Quarter

    The 1942-D doubled die quarter exhibits doubling on the obverse, particularly noticeable in the date and Liberty’s profile. This mint error, combined with its overall scarcity, makes it a valuable find for coin enthusiasts, often fetching high prices at auctions.

    6. 1943-S Washington Quarter

    The 1943-S Washington quarter is known for its lower mintage of around 1.95 million coins. While not as scarce as the early 1930s quarters, it remains a coveted piece due to its relative rarity and significance in the Washington quarter series.

    7. 1950-D/S Overmintmark Washington Quarter

    The 1950-D/S quarter features an over mintmark error where a D mintmark was stamped over an S. This unusual error, combined with its historical interest, makes it a valuable addition to any collection, with well-preserved specimens highly prized.

    8. 1950-S/D Overmintmark Washington Quarter

    Similar to the 1950-D/S, the 1950-S/D quarter has an S mintmark over a D, creating a collectible error coin. These overmintmark quarters are rare and sought after, with their value increasing with the coin’s condition.

    9. 1982 No Mint Mark Washington Quarter

    The 1982 no-mint mark Washington quarter is a modern rarity. Due to a minting error, these quarters lack the P mintmark of the Philadelphia Mint, making them scarce and valuable, particularly in uncirculated conditions.

    10. 1983 No Mint Mark Washington Quarter

    Like the 1982 issue, the 1983 no mint mark Washington quarter is a sought-after modern error coin. Its absence of a mintmark creates a rarity that collectors are eager to add to their portfolios, with prices reflecting its uncommon status.

    Collecting and Valuing Washington Quarters

    Collecting Washington quarters involves understanding the nuances of the series, including mint marks, rarities, and condition grades. The value of these coins can vary widely, influenced by their rarity, demand, and state of preservation. Collectors often seek out high-grade examples, as condition plays a significant role in a coin’s market value.

    Historical Significance

    The Washington quarter was first minted in 1932 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. Its design, featuring the bust of Washington on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse, has become iconic. The series offers a glimpse into American history and minting practices, adding cultural value to its numismatic worth.

    Rarity and Condition

    Rarity and condition are paramount in determining a Washington quarter’s value. Key dates, low mintages, and error coins are particularly valuable. Condition grades, assessed by factors like wear, luster, and strike quality, significantly affect a coin’s desirability and market price.


    The world of Washington quarters is rich with history and rarity, offering collectors the chance to own pieces of numismatic significance. The top 10 valuable Washington quarters in circulation highlight the diversity and rarity within this beloved series.

    From early mintages to modern errors, these coins represent a fascinating aspect of U.S. minting history and continue to captivate collectors worldwide.

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