Why Restaurant's Fried Rice Are Always Tastier?

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Cooking Chinese food at home can be an interesting challenge, but it's hard to beat the authentic flavor and texture of takeout or delivery from a good Chinese restaurant.

Simple foods like fried rice frequently fall short of expectations. Keep your chin up; there's a good explanation for this.

The Reason:

Answer: tremendous heat, excellent flipping, and a substance known as "wok hei." Expert preparation with a wok is one of the primary reasons.

High, direct heat is essential to producing the distinctive aroma, flavor, and crispiness known as "wok hei," which is unique to cooking in a wok.

How it works?

This flavor is largely the result of the Maillard reaction, which is triggered by the high temperatures of the specialist gas stove and wok, and the chef's skillful tossing.

The fats and oils in the food are vaporized along with the steam as the food is reintroduced to the hot wok at a higher elevation.

The mechanics of tossing fried rice was examined by academics at the Georgia Institute of Technology due to the precision required by experienced cooks.


There are techniques to reproduce wok hei at home, but many of us may be content with the knowledge that takeaway will always be superior.

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