Why Restaurant Pizza Is Better Than Homemade?

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Certainly, pizza is delicious regardless of who makes it. But there is a difference between eating at a restaurant or local pizza business and preparing it at home.

The crust, the flavor, and even the presentation appear to be superior. Why thus does pizza taste more "premium" in restaurants than at home?

Actually, the oven makes all the difference. Normal ovens are capable of cooking pizza adequately, but pizza ovens produce the greatest results.

Since these are not commonly found in homes, don't blame yourself if your pizza creation lacks the artistry of those prepared in restaurants.

This type of cooking vessel uses radiant heat from "fire burning on the floor of the oven, inside an enclosed chamber," comparable to a grill without grill plates.

A pizza can be baked in any number of different ovens, including the more traditional arch-shaped oven, the black oven, or a commercial model.

But the true magic of pizza ovens resides in their temperature. While standard ovens reach temperatures of 475-500 degrees F, pizza ovens can reach 1,000 degrees F.

These searing temperatures can cook numerous pizzas at once in minutes, yielding evenly-cooked pizzas with "lighter and fluffier" crusts that are crisp and chewy.

While it is enjoyable to make a California-style pizza at home, it is also acceptable to enjoy the enchantment of pizza ovens in restaurants.

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