Why Do Humans Not Consume Pig's Milk?

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On Pasture got a document from the Illinois Pork Producers Association that says pig milk has 8.5% fat, more than cow milk's 3.5%.

Encyclopedia Britannica calls pigs mammals. Pigs can be milked. Pig milk would undoubtedly be tasty because humans like dairy fat.

Given that humans have been living with pigs for millennia, this shows that there is a problem with pig-based dairy products. So, why don't people drink pig milk?

The main reason why pig milk has not taken over the United States is because pigs dislike being milked. The thing is that pigs were never raised to make milk.

After years of domestication, cows are docile. But, sows that are milking will be defensive if approached. Defensive sows aren't good milking animals.

Even if you come close, it would be difficult to obtain enough pig milk to generate a profit.

In their letter, the Illinois Pork Producers Association explained that pigs have fourteen teats, ten more than cows. This complicates the milk extraction process.

When you consider that pigs only make 13 pounds of milk a day, while cows can make up to 65 pounds, it's easy to see which animal would be worth the time and effort to milk.

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