Know The 10 Secret Uses of Tea!

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1) Cookware Cleaner

Adding a tea bag and simmering the water will help you easily remove cooked food from pots and pans. Because of the tea's acid, no harsh scrubbing is required.

2) Cleaning the stove

You can use tea to prevent your stove from becoming clogged with grit. Wipe your stove after brewing a pot of tea four times stronger than normal.

3) Removing odors

Gather up some dried ones and place them in a bowl, or put a few at the bottom of a garbage can. They'll accomplish the same job as baking soda in removing odors.

4) Erasing pen marks from skin

What's the quickest way to get rid of them? Tea bags, green or black. To remove pen stains, dab the damp bag from your freshly prepared cup of tea.

5) Fighting fungus on plants

Brew an extra-strong cup of chamomile tea and spritz it all over the leaves when it has cooled. Continue regularly until the fungus is eradicated.

6) Treating the grass

Did you know that occasionally watering your plants with tea is beneficial since it provides them with nutrients that promote growth?

7) Cleaning the garden tools

Toss a handful of tea leaves into the container in which you store your gardening tools. The leaves will aid in protecting the metal from corrosion.

8) Pore-cleansing facial

Pour boiling water over three chamomile tea bags in a bowl. Tea should steep for 10 minutes in a towel-covered bowl. Hold your face over the bowl with a towel over your head.

9) Beneficial for oily skin

Simple peppermint tea makes an excellent toner for greasy skin. Refrigerating it extends its life. It also cleans acne-prone skin.

10) Reducing puffy eyes

Apply a small amount of green tea to the eye area with a cotton swab. The skin around the eyes can be tightened naturally with the help of this remedy.

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