The Cute But Challenging Dog Breeds!

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1) Afghan Hound

Owners of Afghan hounds should expect to spend many hours a week grooming their pets. The breed is also noted for being a little challenging for first-time dog owners.

2) Basenji

Basenjis are loud. Instead of barking, they yodel or scream. Basenjis aren't the most obedient breed; they do what they want despite training.

3) Chihuahua

The breed's diminutive stature, makes it feel the more compelled to protect itself. Aside from their owner, these canines can be extremely aggressive.

4) Chow Chow

The breed has a reputation for being obstinate. It is possible for dogs to become fearful of strangers and even violent toward other dogs if they aren't properly taught.

5) Shar-Pei

Despite their kissability, this breed is not suitable for the average owner who enjoys cuddling. They are susceptible to eye diseases.

6) Shiba Inu

Unfortunately, they can also be as cunning as foxes despite their fox-like appearance. Regardless of how well-trained this breed is, it cannot be trusted off-leash.

7) Weimaraner

The most problematic aspect of this breed is its constant need for exercise. Running, not walking, must be performed daily, and not only in brief spurts.

8) Cane Corso

This majestic breed gives off bodyguard vibes. They're bred to protect and must be taught and trained to avoid being dominating.

9) Pekingese

The coat of a Pekingese dog requires a lot of work to maintain its health; it must be brushed frequently and trimmed to avoid becoming matted.

10) Dogo Argentino

Sadly, the breed has been prohibited from many towns and cities, and even from certain nations, because it has been used for fighting.

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