The 9 Highest-Rated Grocery Items at Costco

Pumpkin Pie

Costco pumpkin pie is a store with most highly anticipated seasonal items. The darling baked reasonably costs $5.99 and weighs almost four pounds.

Roast Chicken

At the deli, members are also raving about the unusual flavor of the rotisserie chicken, one of the Warehouse's most praised items.

Kirkland Frozen Pizza

The food court isn't the end of Costco's pizza woes. Kirkland brand frozen pizzas, previously believed to be loved by all, are now being questioned by customers as well.

Food Court Pizza

Complaints continue about the counter's currently disappointing selection and the overall quality of its long-standing items. Lately, the famous food court pizza has come under fire.

Cherry and Cheese Pastry

Like many stars, some stay in the limelight before fading out. That is happening with the bakery's Cherry and Cheese Pastries.

Wine Advent Calendar

That's just what you should expect from the infamous $99 Wine Advent Eureka Calendar, which is sold out in the run up to the holidays, according to Costco customers.

Just Bare Chicken Nuggets

If you live in the Costco loop, you know these frozen chicken chunks are commonly compared to the king of fast-food chicken, Chick-fil-A. But, lately they are not all they are cracked up to be.

Chicken Pot Pie

Costco's savory chicken pot pie is a long-standing weeknight staple for many families. But, Dish is slowly losing its hard-earned status.

Deli Street Tacos

Members realize that these Chicken Street Tacos from the deli sound like a convenient food option, but you may seek your taco fix elsewhere.

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