The 8 Best Exercises for Men to Stay Fit After 50

Additionally, poor exercise programs can lead to back pain and other chronic problems that you begin to notice as you age. The good news is that there are tons of great exercises for men to stay fit after 50.

2. Pull-ups

Keeping your upper body strong and maintaining range of motion in your shoulders is important for overall fitness and day-to-day strength.

1. Squats

Choose a squat method that challenges you but remains doable. This could mean doing box squats with only your body weight, adding a kettlebell to goblet squats, or going heavier with barbell squats.

Staying fit as you age can be quite a challenge. Between the loss of muscle mass, strength, mobility and testosterone, aging can quickly catch up with men after they reach 50.

3. Pushups

Pushups are a great exercise for several reasons. First, they work your chest and shoulder muscles in a coordinated and functional manner.

5. Overhead Press

The overhead press is essential for maintaining upper body strength and mobility. Everything from reaching for tools to screwing in lightbulbs requires you to be able to reach overhead and exert some force.

7. Lungs

Lunges are an excellent functional exercise for your lower body. They mimic standard gait and help improve balance, coordination and athleticism, along with building strength and muscle mass

4. Deadlift

Some variation of the deadlift is essential when it comes to staying fit. The standard barbell deadlift and the Romanian deadlift are both popular options. You can also use dumbbells or kettlebells as your resistance.

8. Permanent Rotation

It's important to incorporate some type of rotational core exercise to keep your core strong and your spine healthy as you age. I like standing cable rotations if the equipment is available.

6. Rows

Rows are movements that involve horizontal pulling and hit the major muscle groups in your upper back and biceps. My favorite rowing exercise is the bent-over single-arm dumbbell row.