The 7 Most Unique Costco Locations in the World

Salt Lake City, Utah

Coming at 235,000 square feet is Costco's Salt Lake City store, which is currently the giant Costco on the planet.

Juneau, Alaska

On the other end of the ranking is Costco's warehouse in Juneau, Alaska, which is only 76,696 square feet. That would be huge for a standard supermarket but tiny for Costco.

Maui, Hawaii

In Kahului, Maui, buyers have even more options. Members can dine at one of two food truck parks outside the warehouse.

Houston, Texas

Houston's Greenway Plaza retail center created in 2008, is just home to Costco with LA Fitness above it. So that's one way to work off a $1.50 hotdog and soda combo!

Gocheok, South Korea

Costco's newest South Korea warehouse was to open in October 2022. But the store's vast aisles weren't built from the ground up. Instead, they were converted from a former prison.

Mexico City, Mexico

Unlike most Costcos, which are rarely hard to miss, the retailer's Mexico City warehouse—slated to open in November 2021—is relatively inconspicuous, hidden beneath a large public park.

Villebon-sur-Yvet, France

Costco debuted in France in 2017, putting up a warehouse just south of Paris.

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