The 11 Amazing Facts About Dogs!

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1) 40x larger smell center

Dogs smell better than humans. Their noses have millions more scent receptors, thus dogs can smell drugs, dead corpses, bed bugs, and explosives.

2) Pretty Impressive Ears

Don't forget about dogs' hearing, either. Dogs can hear sounds that people cannot, thanks to a variety of mechanisms, including their ears and muscles.

3) Much Less Developed Taste Sense

Dogs have roughly one sixth as many taste buds as humans. This explains why dogs devour rotting food scraps (or grass) as voraciously as they do kibble or steak.

4) No two dog noses are same

With each dog's nose having its own distinct pattern of ridges and folds, it is like having a fingerprint.

5) Dogs dream like humans

Small dog breeds tend to dream more than their larger counterparts, according to the findings of researchers.

6) Dogs are smart as 2 year olds

 The best friend of man can count, comprehend over 150 words, and even deceive humans or other dogs to obtain treats.

7) They mate twice a year

Unspayed females only come into heat twice a year, thus dog breeders must carefully schedule their breeding efforts.

8) Tail wagging is a language

Dogs' tails wag to the right when they're joyful, and to the left when they're scared, according to

9) Puppies are born blind & deaf

Newborn canines' ear canals and eyes are still closed, per Psychology Today. After two weeks, most puppies open their eyes and respond to noises.

10) Dogs have a sixth sense

In a 2010 poll, 67% of pet owners said their pets acted suspiciously before a storm and 43% before something horrible happened.

11) They have sweat glands in paws

Panting is their primary method of cooling down, despite the fact that they sweat through the pads of their paws. 

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