The 10 Best and Worst Orders at an Irish Pub

Don't Order This Appetizer

Many pubs give a menu that combines Irish favorites and American cuisine. Although, one of the best Irish pubs in Boston, you would love to avoid this dish.

Don't Give Up on Seafood

Ireland is a literal island where plenty of seafood can be enjoyed, and if you're near the coast, you should sample the fish.

Never order this drink

A shot of whiskey and Irish cream downed into a pint of Guinness sounds such a delightful way to start a party, but this drink, called the Irish Car Bomb, is not a good idea.

Don't Order Vodka or Tequila Drinks

Some folks who usually stick to vodka, tequila cocktails, or domestic beers think they won't be fans of whiskey or Irish beers but often rave about how much they love them.

Don't Order American Beer

Avoid ordering an American beer while in Rome. Try something Irish! Any good Irish pub will have excellent Irish beers to try and sample.

Order a Guinness

Pogash makes no bones about it, if you are in an Irish pub, you get the coveted beer. A shot of Guinness and Irish whiskey to wash down a generous helping of fish & chips.

Don't order fish & chips if it's not done right.

This classic dish is a favorite in most Irish pubs, but Debenedetto says it's essential to make sure the fish is battered in house, and not bought frozen and reheated.

Be sure to sample the whiskey.

Whisk with an easy mixer. A tried and great classic is a Jameson and Ginger Ale, although a Jameson is very partial to black barrels and sodas.

Don't Give Unnecessary or Complicated Orders

An Irish pub isn't the place to order a complicated drink. However, it's always good to understand where you are and order accordingly.

Try a Hot Whiskey Drink

If you have yet to try a toddy or Irish coffee create to order, most bartenders at Irish pubs will be more than thrilled to pour you a hot drink. The Hot Toddy is created with Irish whiskey, hot water, lemon, honey, and cloves.

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