Is Salt Water Really Effective for Toothaches?

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Any toothache indicates that a person's oral health is in need of attention. Therefore, many patients turn to home cures for temporary symptom alleviation.

Question is, 

Can a salt water rinse be included among these excellent toothache home remedies?

What salt water can do?

A 2017 study indicated that rinsing with salt water was as effective as a chlorhexidine mouth rinse in reducing plaque in dental patients.

Help in tootache!

Also, salt water's antibacterial characteristics may help reduce inflammation, which may in turn reduce the likelihood of toothaches caused by dental disease.


According to Metro East Dental Care, it may assist release of small substances lodged between your teeth, thereby alleviating the pain.

How to make saltwater?

If you want to attempt a salt water rinse, the professionals at White Clay Dental recommend mixing 1 teaspoon of salt with 1 cup of hot water.

Stir the mixture until it is completely dissolved, and then set it aside to cool. Finally, spit after 45 seconds of rinsing.


However, remember that while a salt water rinse and other at-home cures may help alleviate a toothache, they will not treat the underlying source of the pain.

Visit Dentist if, 

Therefore, WebMD recommends seeing a dentist if a person experiences tooth pain for more than two days.

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