Is It Ok To Consume Excess Popcorn?

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Popcorn is now a staple at all sorts of events, from sporting to entertainment to school lunches and even home theaters.

Popcorn includes 3,6 grams of dietary fiber, which is 15% of the daily need and one-third of the portion of whole grains suggested by the USDA for adolescents and adults.

Popcorn is a "cardioprotective nutrient" because it can help lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation.

According to Web MD, most of that popcorn is unhealthy because it contains too much salt and saturated fat.

Popcorn at the movies typically comprises 400-1,200 calories and 1,500 milligrams of sodium, which is the daily maximum.

Cons of Too Much Popcorn

Water retention from eating too much salt causes puffy fingers and toes, added pounds, and ultimately high blood pressure.

According to the CDC, nine out of ten Americans currently consume too much sodium. Is there a healthy way to consume this 100% whole grain snack?

How To Enjoy It In Healthy Way!

Drizzle a little olive oil over the popcorn and sprinkle with herbs and spices like rosemary or smoky paprika for a savory option.

If you're looking to satiate a sweet tooth, try adding some cinnamon and dark chocolate chips. Don't oversalt it, please.

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