How to Reheat Soggy or Leftover Fries?

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We have advice on how to revive this frequent takeaway leftover so that it tastes as delicious as the day it was prepared.

Insufficient heat is a common mistake while reheating fries. Heat the skillet on high for a few minutes. Get the skillet hot.

2) Put Oil To It

Oil is next. In a medium-sized skillet, use 2 tablespoons olive oil. Warm and shimmer the oil.

3) Add soggy fries

When the oil is hot, add the fries. Make sure each fry touches oil and skillet; don't pile them. Cook them for about a minute.

4) Get Flipping

Grab your spatula and begin to flipping!. Make an effort to flip each fry at least once to ensure that it cooks on both sides equally in 30 seconds.

5) Check the fries

Use your best judgment to determine whether or not the fries appear crispy and fully cooked; some may require more time to cook.

6) Sprinkle Salt & Herbs

Last but certainly not least, remove the fries from the pan and lightly season them with salt. Additionally, you may include paprika, herbs, or spices.

7) Enjoy the crispy fries

After that, you are free to enjoy some delicious fries that taste just as nice as when you purchased them!

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