How to Prevent Cracking in Pumpkin Pie?

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You want your homemade pumpkin pie to be flawless. But kitchen mishaps sometimes occur, and you may wonder why your pumpkin pie cracked.

The Reasons!

A cracked pumpkin pie suggests it was overbaked. When egg-rich pies bake too long, the eggs coagulate, overcook, and crack the top.

The Reasons!

Too-rapid cooling might also cause pie cracks. Putting the pie in the fridge to speed up the cooling process can result in a cracked pie.

How To Avoid Cracked Pie?

How can you avoid pie scarring? You can prevent your pumpkin pie from cracking by following these instructions:

1) Don't Overbake

It's tempting to bake the pumpkin pie until it's set. Follow the instructions. As the pie bakes, the sides should be solid and the middle jiggly, like Jell-O.

2) Lower Rack In The Oven

A lower baking rack might also avoid cracking. Lowering the oven rack prevents overbrowning and drying.

3) Check Oven's Temperature

Even with the appropriate temperature and rack, you may have baking troubles. Check your oven's temperature & set it right!

4) Cool Slowly

Leave the pie in the oven, turned off and with the door ajar, to cool more slowly. After 10 minutes, chill the pie on a rack.

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