How to Make Dumpling Bottoms Crispy?

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The dumpling is a staple of the cuisines of most countries, whether it is steamed, boiled, or fried till crispy.

Potstickers were originally meant to be steamed dumplings, but when the one cook forgot about them, they obtained their trademark crispy crust.

Therefore, in order to achieve the desired crispy bottoms on frozen dumplings purchased from a store, you can use a deliberate Internet hack.

Oil, Water & Flour Hack

Kirbie's Cravings uses oil, wheat, and water. After the bottoms of the dumplings have browned, the flour-water slurry is added to the pan.

The mixture becomes a "crispy lattice skirt" around and between the dumplings while it cooks over medium heat.

A similar solution was provided by a user who shared it on her TikTok account, Kelsey's Food Reviews.

Before adding the flour and water combination to the pan, she pre-steams the dumplings (to guarantee a thorough cooking) using the same ingredients.

After cooking the slurry in an oiled, covered skillet, she inverts it onto a platter to show a mass of golden dumplings.

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