How To Easily Soften Cream Cheese?

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When making a cheesecake or a bowl of tangy cream cheese frosting, the cream cheese needs to be soft before you can start to get a smooth texture.

If cold cream cheese is blended, the final product will have a lumpy, curdled appearance. Nobody desires that! So how does one soften cream cheese?

1) With Use of Microwave

Spread the cream cheese out on a microwave-safe plate after you've removed it from its packaging.

In 5-second increments, microwave the brick of cheese, flipping it over on the platter each time. In a total of around 20 seconds, it ought to be entirely pliable.

2) With Use of Air-Fryer

Unwrap and divide cream cheese. Put them on foil in the basket and set the air fryer to lowest settings.

Warm the cream cheese for 1½ minutes, checking every 30 seconds, until softened. Mash the cream cheese in a bowl and use it in your favorite cream cheese recipes.

3) At Room Temperature

Unwrap the cream cheese and cut it into small cubes. Cover cream cheese cubes lightly.

Allow to sit at room temperature for 35-45 minutes, depending on how warm your kitchen is. You can also use this method to soften butter.

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