How long may opened pasta sauce be refrigerated?

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One of our go-to cupboard staples for quick weeknight meals like chicken parmesan, Italian sandwiches, or hearty spaghetti casserole is jarred pasta sauce.

A quick spaghetti dinner for two may leave you with leftover sauce, but its shelf life is short. So, how long can you refrigerate unsealed pasta sauce?

Generally, leftovers should be consumed, thrown, or frozen within four days, allowing you ample time to determine what to do with the remaining sauce.

Unopened spaghetti sauce has a shelf life. If a bottle has been in your cupboard for more than 18 months, is dented, rusty, or swollen, throw it.

Opened jars of spaghetti sauce should be kept in the refrigerator, where temperatures should not rise beyond 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you don't have an urgent purpose for the pasta sauce, you can freeze it if it has been moved to the freezer within four days of opening.

Before storing the remaining sauce in the freezer, let it to cool, portion it out into containers or freezer bags, and label them with the date.

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