How Long Can Raw Meat Be Stored in the Fridge?

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The stakes are high when establishing the freshness of meat because it is raw, highly perishable, and expensive. The fear of eating meat is also quite genuine.

The most important and straightforward question when it comes to storing meat in the refrigerator is for "how long?" The concise response? It depends. 

The shorter bits of raw meat should be used or frozen, the smaller they are. Whole beef, pork, veal, and lamb whole cuts should be cooked or frozen within four to five days.

The recommended storage time for ground beef and chicken is one to two days in the fridge, and three to four months in the freezer for complete cuts of poultry.

Whether or not meat may be kept in its original packaging is also a serious issue. Keep meat in its original packaging; there's no need to move it.

Meat can be kept safe from spoilage when frozen by adding an extra layer of protection against the infiltration of moisture.

Does it matter where in the refrigerator meat is stored? No, not if you maintain an appropriate temperature in your refrigerator to begin with.

Maintaining a consistent 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower throughout a refrigerator ensures that any food stored there will remain safe.

The packaging of raw meat, poultry, and fish must be airtight. However, if you are unable to consume your meats within that time range, freezing them is always a viable choice.

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