How Consuming Cheese Affects Your Waistline?

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Cheese has a mixed reputation when it comes to its effect on health, but if you're trying to slim down, you might be curious what the dairy product can do to your waistline.

According to one of the certified dietitians on the medical expert panel, cheese can have both favorable and unfavorable effects on your waistline.

Protein and weight loss are two of the positives of cheese when discussing its health benefits. It's a plus because cheese is a fantastic source of protein and keeps you full for longer. 

Protein digests more slowly than carbs, so it keeps you full longer. This may help you avoid weight-gain-causing snacking and overeating during your next meal.

Too much cheese, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. The calories in cheese add up quickly, so limit yourself to one to two ounces, or two fingers' worth.

Cheese can contribute to weight gain if consumed haphazardly at a cocktail party or by cutting slice after slice.

Even while it may not seem like much, consider how often you eat meals with cheese. Even if it's on a sandwich or spaghetti, you can't go wrong with it.

We recommend not adding cheese to protein-rich meals. On a burger or Turkey sandwich, skip the cheese. Or, skip the cheese on an egg-and-bean salad.

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