High-Sodium Foods that Constantly Cause Bloating

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1) Chicken

Plumping involves injecting salt and other chemicals into bird flesh to improve flavor. This could add 400 milligrams of sodium to your day.

2) Prepared pasta sauces

One cup of jarred spaghetti sauce has 1,000 mg of salt. Even store-bought pesto has 190-290 mg in 2 teaspoons.

3) Processed sandwich bread

Sandwich breads are salted to maintain freshness. The sodium and carbs in processed foods may explain why you feel "puffed" after eating them.

4) Sweet soy sauce

Sweet soy sauce, despite its name, is salty like its savory counterpart. 800 milligrams are in 1 tablespoon.

5) Buns

There is lots of salt, in addition to artificial preservatives, to keep everything appearing fresh for as long as possible. 

6) Butter

There are 101 milligrams of salt in a tablespoon of normal butter. If you use a lot of it in a recipe, that percentage might quickly increase.

7) Prepared soups

There is a lot of salt in canned soups because it preserves the food. Look at the labels to make sure the products you buy are low in salt.

8) Shellfish

Pre-cooked oysters, shrimp, clams, etc. are frequently prepared in highly salty saltwater, which boosts sodium consumption.

9) Frozen pizzas

One 4-ounce serving of frozen pizza typically has about 700 mg of salt. When shopping, remember to read labels carefully and keep serving sizes in mind.

10) Cured meats

Cured meats are those that have been preserved by curing agents such as salt, sugar, and nitrites. Without a shadow of a doubt, cured meats are extremely high in sodium.

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