Follow These Tips If Not Getting Good Sleep!

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1) Get a Sleep Mask

Light can sneak in through windows and beneath doors, interrupting your sleep. Buy a comfy, eye-covering sleep mask.

2) Turn down temperature

Turning down the temperature a few degrees makes your bedroom more cozy and sleep-friendly.

3) Get blackout curtains

A dark room is essential for restful sleep, and blackout curtains might be a lifesaver if you're frequently startled awake by lights inside or outside your house.

4) Use earplugs to avoid sounds

Light sleepers might benefit greatly from earplugs that shut out a snoring partner or a raging party next door.

5) Avoid phone 1 hour before bed

Don't be shocked if your sleep improves if you buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and leave your phone charging in another room.

6) Exercise in the evening

Physical exercise in the evening, whether it's a simple walk or a strenuous session at the gym, can help ensure that you're well-rested when it's time for bedtime.

7) Wear comfortable pajamas

Cotton pajamas that are loose and breathable are best for hot sleepers, while flannel pajamas or long johns are best for cold sleepers.

8) Buy quality pillows

Right cushion should support neck and head. If you wake up with neck pain, use a cervical pillow to stabilize your neck and improve your sleep.

9) Cut Out Caffeine

Many doctors recommend discontinuing coffee around noon or 2 p.m. so it's not in your system before bedtime.

10) Replace your mattress

Mattresses can shift and sag, causing pressure areas and uncomfortable sleep. If it's been over eight years, replace your mattress.

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