Eating Habits That Are Ruining Your Body After 50

Some habits are very good for your health, like going for a morning walk and some habits can ruin your body like not getting enough sleep, not getting enough fiber or not eating food.

Not watching your portion sizes

Your portion sizes matter according to your age. For example, people over 50 are already more susceptible to gain weight more easily since you lose lean body weight as you age, which reduces your metabolism.

The reason that some habits may become worse as you enter your 50s and continue to age is mainly because of how your body changes.

If you're young, in or nearing 50, what are the eating habits that experts warn could have a lasting impact on your health as you age? Here are some everyday practices you can consider changing.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals can quickly go unnoticed, especially if you're running late or extremely busy. However, this habit can take a toll on your health as you age.

Not Eating Enough Fiber

Fiber plays a important role in the health of our digestive system, improves fullness after a meal and helps reduce spikes in blood sugar after eating.

To meet your fiber goal & get the benefits of fiber in your diet, make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables with each meal and choose whole grains instead of white ones.

Research backs this up with several findings that large portions can lead to weight gain. Larger meals equate to greater energy intake, which ultimately leads to consuming too many calories.

Not Getting Enough Protein

Getting adequate protein in your diet is essential for every person at any age, but it's a vital eating habit for those in their 50s. Protein is necessary for maintaining muscle mass, which you need for healthy aging.

Eating Too Many Inflammatory Foods

As we age, it is essential to pay attention to inflammation because if it becomes chronic, it can lead to many diseases, many of which are associated with aging.