Eat These Fruits After You're 50!

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1) Raspberries

Raspberries' soluble fiber reduces cholesterol. Soluble fiber brings water into the digestive tract and binds cholesterol during digestion.

 The risk of heart disease and diabetes rises with age, and lowering cholesterol is one way to do this.

2) Green Apples

Apples are an ideal snack for portability. This fruit is naturally pre-packaged and ready to consume because to its high fiber and low sugar content. 

Green apples are lower in sugar and have a reduced impact on blood sugar. Balanced blood sugars keep our energy levels consistent and may reduce our risk for diabetes or pre-diabetes later in life.

3) Oranges

Oranges include potassium, a vital blood pressure nutrient. Sodium raises blood pressure, whereas potassium lowers it. Together, they balance blood pressure.

Managing blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Combining high-potassium fruits with exercise, stress management, and nutrition adjustments may reduce blood pressure over time.

4) Melon

Melon's vitamin C and water content promote skin health. Many types of melon are over 90% water, making it the most hydrating fruit.

Vitamin C and collagen keep aging skin tight. Hydration improves skin suppleness, prevents dryness, and clears skin.

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