Don't Make These 9 Common Mistakes With Shrimps!

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1) Buying Old Shrimps

Examine shrimp before buying to ensure it's fresh. Translucent, firm, glossy prawns are fresh. Avoid discolored or drab, fragile shrimp.

2) Choosing wrong type

White shrimp are most common. They're adaptable and good year-round. Other types of shrimp include rock shrimp, banana shrimp, Atlantic Northern shrimp, and tiger shrimp.

3) Not Thawing Properly

To keep shrimp fresh, freeze it. Putting shrimp in the freezer after your weekly market trip will keep it from going bad before you prepare it.

4) Not Using Skewers When Grilling

The tiniest motion with barbeque tongs can knock a shrimp between the grates. To avoid this, skewer them.

5) Removing shells before cooking

Leave the shells on shrimp when grilling or broiling to prevent overcooking or uneven cooking. Leaving the shells on saves time and makes shrimp more soft.

6) Not Deveining Properly

Deveining shrimp is the most important preparation. Fresh shrimp is better than cleaned shrimp. You should clean them yourself.

7) Skipping The Brine

Foods such as chicken and huge hog chops are commonly brined to enhance their flavor. Shrimp can also be brined, which increases their softness and juiciness significantly.

8) Discarding The Shells

Sugars from shrimp shells can be extracted in water. Shrimp stock is comparable to fish stock but sweeter, making it ideal for soups and stews.

9) Overcooking Your Shrimp

Using a thermometer will ensure that your shrimp do not require any additional cooking time. The ideal internal temperature for shrimp is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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