Do You Know Too Much Protein Can Affect Bladder?

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The rapid weight reduction caused by a high-protein diet may drive you to stay on the diet, but it is not good for your urinary system in the long run.

If you consume too much protein, the acid and toxins in your body will rise. When your kidneys detect an excess of waste, they begin to remove it from your system.

The resulting pee is significantly more acidic for the bladder. Rats exposed to this extremely concentrated, acidic pee developed bladder issues and cancer.

Consuming an excessive amount of protein might worsen renal disease. Any diet that recommends high-saturated-fat protein may raise cholesterol levels.

To maintain a healthy bladder, consume sufficient fluids (ideally water) so that you must use the restroom every three or four hours.

Reduced intake of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages maintains the body well-hydrated, reducing the risk of bladder issues.

Opt for low-fat or no-fat dairy products and lean meats and fish instead. Sausages, hot dogs and other prepared meats should no longer be part of your diet.

When following a high-protein diet, you'll need to consume plenty of veggies, fruit, and whole grains in order to keep your kidneys functioning properly.

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