Condiments That Are Actually Affecting Your Health

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1) Mayonnaise

Your favorite mayonnaise has lot of soyabean oil in it, so you are consuming oil. Avoid it!

2) Ketchup

A lot of sugar and calories going in your and you are just loading your fries with more of it! Don't do this!

3) Honey mustard

Hone mustard has a lot of salt and sugar in it which makes it unhealthy. 

4) Fat-free dressing

Fat-free but what about sugar? They are full of sugar so steer clear of them.

5) Hoisin sauce

The hoisin sauce is full of sugar and a lot of  sugar does not help your body in any way.

6) Ranch dressing

They are full of calories so the benefits of salads are reduced with the use of ranch dressing.

7) Hot sauce

Hot sauces are packed with a lot of salt and high salt can lead to increased blood pressure & issues.

8) Soy sauce

Actually, soy sauce is unhealthy due to the high salt and sugar volumes in it.

9) Sour cream

Sour cream is full of saturated fat and it is one of the reasons of artery blockage. 

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