Avoid Doing These Common Food Mistakes!

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1) Boiling Potatoes at full boil

A speedier method, such as boiling water, will not provide uniformly cooked potatoes. Potatoes can be boiled whole or chopped in half for about 15 minutes.

2) Flipping Stakes Once

There's no truth to the entire "just flip once" thing. Why? Flipping steaks many times has been shown to speed up and level up the cooking process.

3) Adding oil to Pasta

Because of its oily nature, pasta cooked in oily cooking water is likely to be less sticky and slick, but it will not hold a sauce to save its life.

4) Serving Bolognese Sauce Over Spaghetti

Make no mistake, Bolognese sauce is Italian but it is not meant to be eaten with pasta. It's just that simple.

5) Using Fresh Sandwich for Toast

Use thick, stale, or day-old baguette pieces, or cut your own from a stale baguette, so they can withstand the egg-milk mixture better before frying.

6) Making Guacamole Ahead

Immediately after cutting into a ripe avocado, its flesh comes into contact with oxygen, triggering the browning process.

7) Buying Biggest Lobsters

When it comes to preparing lobster, size is not an advantage. This is due to, the size of a lobster may indicate its age, & the older it is, the rougher its meat tends to be.

8) Cooking Oats in Milk

You may believe that boiling oatmeal in milk will provide a deliciously creamy texture. Wrong! This can cause oats to become a bowl of sticky, gluey sludge.

9) Softening butter in microwave

Don't microwave your butter to soften it. If the temperature exceeds 68 degrees, the cream will not form as it should.

10) Adding Milk to Scrambled Eggs

Milk can cause overdone, dry, rubbery eggs. Instead, use fresh eggs and whisk them without seasonings before adding them to a low-heat pan.

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