Are Cherries Safe For Dogs?

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Technically, both yes and no apply to this question. Cherries' flesh poses little threat to your dog, but the pits, stems, and leaves are extremely hazardous.

In order for your dog to properly consume cherries, it is essential to know which components are safe and which are dangerous, as well as why.

For dogs, cherries are an excellent source of nutrition. Among the many nutrients found in cherries are vitamin C and A, potassium and magnesium, and a little amount of calcium. 

So, giving your dog some cherry flesh as a treat every now and then has its advantages.

Other parts of the cherry, on the other hand, can be extremely poisonous to dogs. Cyanide is found in cherry pits, leaves, and stems.

Although cherries contain cyanide, the amount is very small and should not be harmful if a pet consumes a few. The pit, leaves, and stems contain the majority of the toxin.

When a dog chews a leaf, cyanogenic glycoside interacts with an enzyme to generate a toxin. Cells cannot utilise oxygen to convert food to energy after ingestion, causing asphyxiation.

Deep red gums, respiratory difficulties, dilated pupils are cherry poisoning symptoms. Cherry poisoning is fatal if any of these symptoms appear.

Despite the dangers of cherry pits, it is possible to offer cherries to your dog in a safe manner. Best would be small portions of flesh sliced into bite-sized chunks.

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