9 Reasons for Sudden Weight Gain!

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1) Eating Too Much Salt

Consuming sodium leads your body to retain water. Water has both mass and volume. So, eating salty food for several days in a row, you may gain weight unexpectedly.

2) Not Eating Potassium

Sodium is vital for water weight, but it's not the only one. In men 19 and older, experts recommend 3,400 milligrams per day.

3) Taking a New Medication

Gaining weight is a possible side effect of many drugs. Up to 15% of obesity cases may actually be medication-related.

4) You’re on Diuretics

Fluid weight gain can occur in people who are prescribed diuretics for medical reasons but who suddenly switch brands or stop taking them.

5) Eating More Than Realize

After steadily increasing your calorie intake for a month or two, you may see a weight gain of five to 10 pounds.

6) Higher Carbohydrate Diet

Glycogen is a carb storage molecule found in the liver and muscles. Glycogen stores extra water in your tissues because it contains about three grams of water per gram.

7) You Recently Lost Weight

Some of the weight you lost will certainly return, regardless of your dietary or exercise habits, but this is to be expected after losing weight.

8) Having An Endocrine Disorder

Despite the fact that hypothyroidism is more prevalent in women, many men also deal with this ailment, which can lead to rapid and severe weight gain.

9) Chronic Condition/Disease

Other chronic disorders or diseases, including those affecting the endocrine system, may also contribute to rapid weight gain.

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