9 Most Popular Items People Steal from Grocery Stores


Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. Some shoppers are ashamed of swiping cosmetics from grocery stores and elsewhere.

Alcoholic beverages

Wine can be resold or even enjoyed for personal use, making it reasonable for the shoplifter to steal from supermarkets.


Chocolate is one of the most famous foods in the world. It has a powerful effect on our senses to improve our mood and tastes great.

Baby formula

Baby formula is a major popular item to steal. When people can't find formula, they take extreme measures to feed their growing babies.

Personal care items

Skin care is big business, which is understandable given that skin care and other personal care items are routinely stolen from grocery stores.

Over-the-counter medicine

Cold and flu medicines are always popular, but demand increases during winter. The high demand products comes with potential of shoplifting and resale.


The meat has a high repurchase value due to the demand. Package it differently and no one would be the wiser that it came from the local grocery store.

Family planning products

People happily steal family planning products from condoms to lubricants and gel contraceptives.


Thieves have given it the form of science. Now, they will have cooler packs ready to keep the product frozen until it can be transferred to a proper refrigerator.

Bottom line

Anything that can be easily hidden, carried and resold will always be a target of shopkeepers.

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