9 Mistakes We Make While Brewing Coffee!

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1) Using not enough hot water

Many commercial drip brewers don't reach the proper coffee temperature (195-205 degrees). This range of water best extracts bean flavor.

2) Using old grounded beans

No pre-ground beans! Coffee beans unleash their flavors when ground. The longer you wait to brew, the weaker the flavor.

3) Pouring in cold cup

Pre-warming the cup increases drinking pleasure. The water is already on its way to boiling; pour some into the cup, leave it there while the coffee brews, then empty it.

4) Using wrong coffee cup

The coffee stays hotter for longer in a thick-walled cup. Try to find a white coffee mug with a thick wall in a diner-style restaurant.

5) Using stale beans

You should ideally choose beans that were roasted within the past three weeks. Knowing the roast date is the simplest way to verify this is the case.

6) Eyeballing the measurements

You should no longer pour your freshly roasted and meticulously ground beans into the filter by sight. Measuring grinds enables you to manage the coffee's intensity.

7) Wrong water-to-coffee ratio

There are times when a cup of coffee just doesn't do it for you. If the ratio doesn't work, it could be because there is too much water or not enough coffee.

8) Not using good quality water

Even though it's free and easy to just turn on the faucet, switching to filtered water or bottled spring water can definitely taste better.

9) Not cleaning your machine

Cleaning your coffeemaker on a regular basis is much like cleaning the rest of your kitchen. After each use, rinse the carafe, filter basket, and lids with soapy water.

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