9 Items You May Not Find in Your Supermarket

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1) Chickpeas

Reuters predicts a reduction in chickpea supply. The Russian invasion of Ukraine reduced production, as both are major chickpea suppliers.

2) Wheat

Bloomberg said Russia's invasion of Ukraine affected the global wheat supply chain. Wheat prices are rising and a shortage may occur.

3) Sugar

Due to increasing energy prices, Brazil recently diverted more sugarcane to ethanol. This could reduce sugar supplies, causing higher prices and shortages.

4) Avocados

The U.S. stopped avocado shipments from Mexico after a plant safety inspector was threatened. Imports have begun, but prices are high and missed cargoes may exacerbate shortages.

5) Paper Goods

According to Bloomberg, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again impacted pulp supplies, resulting in supply shortages in Europe.

6) Canned Goods

The aluminum scarcity has persisted throughout the epidemic, and a diminished supply of tomato paste, canned vegetables, and soda is likely to persist.

7) Eggs and Meat

In the spring of 2021, news of a chicken shortage led fast-food establishments to reduce their chicken offerings. In the fall, the shortage spread to grocery stores.

8) Pet Food

Several local newspapers have reported that dog and cat food is in low supply nationwide as a result of the ongoing aluminum scarcity and shipping difficulties.

9) Liquor

Wine Enthusiast says champagne demand fell in 2020 and climbed in 2021. Aluminum can shortages and rising prices have also caused scarcity.

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