9 Foods That You Think Healthy But Aren't

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1) Most Fruit Juices

The skin & pulp of fruit, which are rich in fiber and nutrients, are typically removed from commercial juices. Sugar content in an 8-ounce serving of juice is on average 30 grams.

2) Chia

According to The Guardian, eating more fish may be a more effective (sorry) and lower-calorie approach to including omega-3s into your diet than chia seeds.

3) Veggie chips

According to the magazine, commercially available vegetarian chips are prepared with 60-70 percent produce and contain more sodium than potato chips.

4) Coconut oil

Two tablespoons of coconut oil contain an adult woman's entire recommended daily intake of saturated fat.

5) “Diet” sodas

A growing body of evidence suggests that drinking diet soda increases the risk of a variety of medical conditions, including heart and liver problems, obesity, stroke, and diabetes.

6) Veggie burgers

Some plant burgers will have added fat, which is typically saturated fats like coconut oil and palm oil. Many veggie burgers are also high in sodium.

7) Flavored yogurt

One seemingly innocuous carton of yogurt can contain roughly the same amount of sugar as a Pillsbury cinnamon bun, at around 10 grams.

8) Wheatgrass

It's not a dense or complete source of protein, and there's nothing special about the nutritional benefits of eating wheatgrass for these nutrients.

9) Smoothies

When you don't have protein or fat to counterbalance the sugar, your body swiftly metabolizes and stores the sugar in your system, which is in the smoothies.

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