8 Things You Can Do Every Night To Lose More Weight

1. Don't eat too late.

Avoiding eating late at night before bedtime is a good way to ensure you're not consuming extra calories you don't need.

5.Set Your Bedroom to a Cooler Temperature

Temperature can affect how the body processes fat, and sleeping in a cooler room may help burn more calories throughout the night.

6. Avoid blue light.

If you use electronics too close to bedtime, you'll have more difficulty falling asleep.

3. Get Some Exercise

The human body continues to burn calories during the hours following a workout. So if you time your exercise right, you'll burn extra calories while sleeping.

2. Pre-bedtime snack with casein protein.

If you're in the mood for a bedtime snack, ensure it contains a casein protein, such as a dairy product.

7. Stick to a solid schedule.

Sticking to a consistent schedule doesn't just apply to work. The same goes for your sleep and wake times.

  Whether you prefer to drink chamomile tea or take a soothing bath with bath salts, do what works best for you.

8. A pre-bedtime ritual, such as drinking tea or taking a bath.

4. Don't drink alcohol before sleeping.

Alcohol comes with many calories, so abstaining from alcohol before bedtime also fits into the first bucket and is a good way to keep your overall calorie intake down.