8 Things That Trader Joe's Does Better Than Other Grocery Chains

There are many things that Trader Joe's done better than competitors, according to its fans. So today we're breaking down those reasons to discover what makes TJ's so special.

Selling Almost Exclusively Private Label Items

Ask any consumer why they prefer Trader Joe's over any other grocery store; many will point to the chain's private-label items.

A Kind of Frozen Food Offering

Trader Joe's, this simple meal goes beyond ideas. The frozen foods area is filled with fan-favorite items that can fly off the shelves.

Offering a Wide Selection of Wine

If you are from a state that allows it, your local Trader Joe's may also carry a vast selection of wine and beer.

Letting customers save with low prices

Trader Joe's regulars feel their wallet is tighter than they might be at other grocery chains.

Storage with Seasonal Search

If you want to see a Trader Joe's fan's eyes light up with excitement, ask them what their favorite seasonal items are, or name their favorite holiday to shop.

Selling Unique Items

Shoppers will find most of their weekly essential groceries at Trader Joe's, which includes a wide range of produce, pantry items and prepared foods.

Getting the Experience of a Small Hometown Market

The national brand achieves something unique with its hometown-market ambiance.

Selling ready-to-eat prepared foods

It offers some prepared foods not only from its frozen food aisle, but also from the refrigerated section.

Assisting customers with extremely friendly staff

At Trader Joe's, the consensus is that the employees make the store shine.