8 Most Deadly Spiders

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1) Brown recluse spider

These spiders are usually shy but if they feel threatened they can be deadly. In rare cases, their bites can result in death. They are found in Central & South US.

2) Hobo spider

Surely they are very venomous spiders but they are not deadly spiders out there. There bite can however cause redness and swelling round area and also pain.

3) Black widow spider

Female black widow spiders are lethal to humans. Their venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnakes. They are usually found in Southern Canada and Northeastern US.

4) Brazilian wandering spider

They are usually found in Central & South America. Its bite is too much harmful and can cause swelling, loss of muscle control, and even prolonged erections.

5) Yellow sac spider

They are the most biting spiders humans than other spiders. They are found all over the globe. It's bite can be painful and can cause swelling & redness around the area.

6) Brown widow spider

It looks kind of a black widow spider but its marking is orange and they have a tan or brown body. They are less toxic than black widow spiders but still are deadly to humans.

7) Red widow spider

They are mostly found in central and south Florida. Female red widow spiders are more deadly. Their venom is lethal as black and brown widow spiders.

8) Funnel-web spiders

The male funnel-web spiders are very deadly. They are found in New Zealand, Europe and Chile. Its bite can cause increased heart rate and difficulty breathing.

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