7 Cardio Habits That Are Ruining Your Body After the Age of 50

Cardiovascular training is one of the best workouts you can do as you age it improves your mobility and flexibility, boosts your endurance and helps you sleep better.

We've gathered some of the worst cardio habits that destroy your body after 50, so read on to learn about them—and how to avoid them to thrive in your 50s and beyond.

1. You're training through pain or injuries.

While exercising is admirable, whatever it is, always play a long-term sport with fitness. Then, if you have pain or an injury, take one step back to take two steps forward by resting and rehabilitating.

2. You're not adding low-impact cardio.

Instead of running, it's better for your muscles, joints and overall progress to using a variety of approaches to allow your body to rest occasionally while improving your conditioning.

3. You are training too often.

Exercising a few times a week is excellent, but if you exercise every day or twice a day, you're putting too much stress on your body.

4. You're often pushing yourself to exhaustion.

It's okay to become tired after a long workout, but if you do this every time, you're putting too much stress on your body that it can't handle.

5. You're skipping the warm-up and cool-down.

When it comes to cardio, most people skip the warm-up and go straight to training. The problem, however, is that you will need to prepare your body to handle the physical activity.

6. You're always using the highest intensity possible.

However, high-intensity cardio can also be very demanding. Do this only once or twice a week, and incorporate low-intensity training to improve your complete spectrum of conditioning.

7. You are using bad technique.

Always use the correct technique while doing cardio. Whether you're running or swimming, exercising with poor form can lead to injury because you're putting too much stress on the wrong muscles and joints.