12 Effective Tips to Separate Yourself from the One You Love

1) Accept your feelings

Sometimes to save a dying relationship, we may try to convince ourselves that things might be okay, even though deep down we know that's probably not true.

2) Allow Yourself to Grieve

It's normal to feel complex emotions, from grief to guilt to anger and confusion. permit yourself to express these feelings.

3) Disconnect

Once you break up, cutting off contact with the person you still love is one of the more critical steps in completely separating yourself from them.

4) Get rid of reminders

Remove any reminders of the person you love from your surroundings — this may mean removing photos, gifts, or even Instagram posts you made of them together.

5) Focus on yourself

Do things that bring you joy and fulfillment! Focus on yourself during this process of detachment. This means self-care!

6) Get in shape

Getting out of the house and sweating it out at the boxing gym, endorphins flowing and all, was a fantastic way to recover from your failed relationship.

7) Get Support

Contact friends and family members who can offer emotional support during this difficult time. Having the good people in your life can be helpful.

8) Set Boundaries

Make no mistake about it, being firm about your boundaries can help you break up with the person you love. Having limits means establishing what is acceptable and what is not permitted.

9) Practice Self-Reflection

If you're still processing things, try to reflect on the relationship and how you can learn from it and improve.

10) Learn to Let Go

This may be easier said than done, but try slowly letting go of the past. This is an essential step in successfully breaking up with someone you love.

11) Be Busy

When you want to separate yourself from someone you love, keeping busy with things you love can be very helpful.

12) Explore new interests

Talking about new hobbies, you grow as a person when you try something new. So exploring interests and hobbies can be a fantastic way to unlock new passions!

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