11 Frozen Foods That Aren't Worth Buying!

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1) Processed meat

Since processed meat was classed as a carcinogen, the WHO has recommended that we limit our consumption of all processed meats, both frozen and fresh.

2) Breaded fish and chicken

While the nutritional value of processed breaded foods has increased over the years, they may still contain leavening agents, E numbers, palm oil, and added salt and sugar.

3) Breakfast foods

Convenient morning meals like sugary waffles may disappoint. E numbers, chemicals, processed sugars, and salt are typically hidden in frozen waffles.

4) Pre-chopped onion

While using pre-chopped onions will save you some time. However, skeptics claim that freezing alters the onion's flavor, texture, and pungency.

5) Pancakes

A typical pancake recipe involves eggs, flour, milk, and frying oil, while frozen pancakes can have E numbers and added sugar.

6) Ready meals

Fewer of us think that the meat and fish in basic frozen ready-made meals aren't very good, and "extra special" and "finest" aren't much better.

7) Unsustainable fish

Fish is a great thing to keep in the freezer, but if you can afford it, always choose line-caught or sustainable fish. That doesn't mean it has to be the most expensive.

8) Risotto

Rice's texture can change if you freeze it, and most ready-made risotto will have salt and sugar added. It's probably healthier and cheaper to make your own from scratch.

9) Veggie burgers

Frozen vegetable burgers may contain stabilizers, GM substances, palm oil, allergies like barley, wheat, and yeast, and added sugar and salt.

10) Potatoes

Frozen baked potatoes cut cooking time from an hour in the oven to five minutes in the microwave, but the skin lacks crispiness and nutritional content.

11) Pastries

Although these are processed and include unhealthy fats such as palm oil, they would not be utilized in a professional bakery because of the additives they contain.

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