11 Ancient Foods That People Still Enjoy Today!

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1) Honey

Scripts from Mesopotamia (which includes Iraq and other regions of the Middle East) and ancient Egypt mention honey dating as far back as 2,100 BC.

2) Noodles

Archeologists found 4,000-year-old noodles at Lajia in northwest China. Eastern Han Dynasty literature mentions the food too.

3) Bone broth

Bones are simmered in water with vinegar, herbs, and spices to make nutrient-rich broth. It's supposed to have started with Stone Age hunter-gatherer groups.

4) Ghee

It has its origins in ancient India, where thousands of years of Sanskrit scriptures praise it as divinely sanctioned.

5) Soy sauce

Soy sauce may have originated from "jiang," an ancient Chinese paste comprised of fermented vegetables, grains, and soy beans. The Chinese brought the ingredient to Japan.

6) Beer

Ceramic pots dating back 5,000 years reveal ancient Sumerians drank beer. Ancient Babylonians and Egyptians drank the popular drink, according to relics.

7) Sauerkraut

According to legend, Great Wall builders fermented cabbage in rice wine to make it survive longer. It's now served with schnitzel and bratwurst.

8) Vinegar

Its exact origins are unknown, but ancient Egyptian and Chinese vessels have evidence of it. 5,000-year-old Babylonian literature mention date vinegar.

9) Cheese

According to folklore, an Arabian trader accidentally produced cheese while transporting milk in an unusual bag built from a sheep's stomach.

10) Beef jerky

Mummies uncovered in ancient Egyptian tombs recently revealed the existence of a sort of beef jerky that had previously been attributed to the Incas.

11) Wine

The drink appears in Greek mythology and was used in ancient Greek and Roman religious rites and symposiums. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia quickly adopted it.

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