10 Insecurities Every Women Experience

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1) Menstruation

Women tend to get shy about menstruation and periods in front of men. They can't fully tell about the problem and even men don't care about it all.

2) Repeating Outfits

Yes, that's insecurity that women feel and they try to change clothes every day. This is not because of men but due to other women & to compete with them.

3) Wearing Makeup

Not all of them, but most women wear makeup even though it is evening and they just have to go for a drive. They have insecurity of looking good and they do makeup for it.

4) Scars

Men usually embrace their scars but women don't. They try to hide them and for this they try various kinds of products. It is big insecurity for women.

5) Shaved Legs

Most women will not go out in shorts or sleeveless shirts if they have not removed their hair. Going out with body hair makes them insecure. 

6) Eating in front of others

Women care a lot about eating in front of others. They try to eat less & very elegantly even though they want more. What people think while eating makes them insecure.

7) Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are not gender specific, both men and women may get these. But women care more about them & they try to hide them as they think stretch marks are embarrassing.

8) Being Emotional

Men repress emotions and it is not right and women show emotions and it is not wrong. They should not feel sorry about showing their emotions and feel bad about it. 

9) Eyebrows

All women care about their looks and if their eyebrows are not done, they will feel bad and embarrassed to go out with them.

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