10 Big No-No Foods for Men Over 40

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1) Margarine

Most margarine containers contain saturated fats and processed oils. Research shows that propylene glycol increases cholesterol and causes weight gain in margarine.

2) Soda

Sugary beverages such as soda contain harmful compounds. 4-Methylimidazole  is a chemical that may enhance the risk of acquiring cancer. Therefore, choosing soda over H2O is a poor choice.

3) Sugary Cocktails

If you're enjoying happy hour with coworkers after work, close your tab after your first order. This is a reminder that you have already had one drink.

4) Fruit Juice

If you are over 40 and attempting to reduce weight, you should avoid drinking orange juice for breakfast. Fruit juice's primary sugar, fructose, has been related to belly obesity.

5) Muffins

Once you approach your 40s, avoid consuming sweets frequently. Muffins can have a day's worth of sugar and fat.

6) Deli Meats

Look at the ingredients list and you'll find excessive quantities of sodium, nitrate preservatives, modified corn starch, and carrageenan in the product.

7) Nacho Cheese Dips

In addition to food additives, cheese dips for nachos contain artificial coloring & flavoring. Make your own dip at home using real cheese & the spices and herbs of your choosing.

8) White Pasta

Refined and processed grains spike and crash your blood sugar levels quickly. Metabolic disorders can develop as a result of a diet high in refined carbohydrates.

9) White Bread

Choose whole-wheat or sprouted bread instead of white slices or bagels to have your daily fiber and nutrition requirements met.

10) Vegetable Oils

High quantities of important polyunsaturated omega-6 fats can be found in soybean, corn, and cottonseed oils. Omega-6 fatty acids may become out of equilibrium if consumed in excess.

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