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Wawa Has Just Reintroduced a Cult-Favorite Item That Fans Have Been Waiting For All Year

    Wawa Has Just Reintroduced a Cult-Favorite Item That Fans Have Been Waiting For All Year

    With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, we’re approaching one of my favorite eating holidays—the day after. That’s when the Thanksgiving leftovers come out, and they’re transformed into all kinds of delectableness, like a Thanksgiving sandwich made with leftover turkey, stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, and mayo on bread.

    That is how I prepare a Thanksgiving sandwich. However, the components might vary from person to person. Some individuals mix in mashed potatoes. Others include gravy. It’s a Thanksgiving sandwich if there are Thanksgiving leftovers in there.

    Wawa, a convenience store chain with over 1,000 sites on the East Coast, wants its customers to enjoy the sandwich’s taste combination before Thanksgiving.

    The Gobbler Hoagie, offered at least a month before Thanksgiving, is Wawa’s tribute to the Thanksgiving sandwich. It’s now back at Wawa (along with a few modifications). Fans are ecstatic to receive a taste of the festive season many weeks early.

    When Mandy of eatdrinkandbemandy on Instagram uploaded a video with her Gobbler bowl and stated, “It’s a true love affair,” her fans understood. In the video, she describes it as “one of my favorite things in the entirety of the entire world.”

    The Gobbler was deemed “the best seasonal goodie!” by one commenter. Another seemed to be planning a trip to Wawa soon, saying, “Omg yay!!!! I attempted to acquire this two weeks ago and was unsuccessful!!!”

    The Gobber in the video was not a scumbag. It was a dish with stuffing on the bottom with roast turkey, gravy, potato mash, and cranberry sauce on top. The bowl and hoagie are both customizable, as are all delicious Thanksgiving lunches.

    Mandy also knew how to consume it. Before taking a mouthful, she took careful to get a little of each ingredient on her fork. That’s how I consume the foods on my Thanksgiving meal. I get some of everything on my fork—it’s a delicious explosion!

    The Gobbler Hoagie is served on hoagie bread and is packed with hot turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, much like my Thanksgiving lunch. A Gobbler Hoagie with Mashed Potatoes as well as a Gobbler Hoagie with Sweet Potatoes are two variants of the hoagie.

    Search Instagram for additional Gobbler photos and the settings its devotees like. “This is the most wonderful time of year.” The #wawagobbler has returned! “I prefer the cold version with some of their hot honey,” inluvwithluv475.

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