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The New Boarding Procedure of United Airlines Entices Certain Passengers

    The New Boarding Procedure of United Airlines Entices Certain Passengers

    It is possible that this will not be accepted, both literally and symbolically.

    Many customers traveling with United Airlines have already voiced their concerns over the new boarding method that the airline has implemented.

    United Airlines has just implemented a new boarding procedure, which now operates from the front to the back.

    In other words, individuals who have tickets for the window seat are allocated seats first, followed by seats in the center, and finally seats in the aisle. The airline asserts that it will minimize the amount of time it takes to board an aircraft by two minutes.

    They are expecting that it will have a cumulative impact, which will prevent headaches that might have been avoided on succeeding flights.

    On TODAY, Linda Jojo, who is the top customer service officer for United Airlines, said that by doing this, the company would save two minutes. “So, if we can get two minutes back on this flight and two minutes back on the next flight, we’re gonna help, especially those customers traveling later in the day to be closer on time.”

    However, there are some passengers who are angry. Some people have expressed dissatisfaction with the new system, which is WILMA, by posting their opinions on social media.

    A few customers have mentioned that those who have window seats now receive priority without having to pay an additional fee for the location. Some people have commented that by the time they board the aircraft, even if they have a seat on the aisle, they no longer have any room in the overhead bin.

    Ross Smith, a user on X (then known as Twitter), voiced his fear that the new strategy would allow customers sitting in window seats to have first dibs on overhead bins. “Unless the gate personnel strictly enforce the 2-item rule, I predict some interesting dialogue and disruptions to occur during boarding,” said to Smith.

    “@united don’t like your new entrance policy even if you pick an aisle, middle, or window seat, if hallway seats board last bill less for that seat,” a another customer said.

    A new seating policy has been implemented for economy. Only customers going in business class, people with disabilities, and families traveling together will be allowed to board the aircraft first.

    United Airlines has responded to the issues over carry-on luggage by announcing that all of its aircraft would undergo retrofitting to enhance the overhead bins’ size.

    In accordance with the revised policy, it became operational on Thursday, October 26.

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