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The Giant Thanksgiving Meal Kit from Costco

    The Giant Thanksgiving Meal Kit from Costco

    Thanksgiving may be one of the most pleasant times of the year, thanks to the big feasts, comfortable autumn weather, and precious family time. However, planning, purchasing, and preparing many meals for a large group may take a lot of work. Fortunately, Costco may hold the answer to a stress-free Thanksgiving.

    For $199.99, the company is presently offering large Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner packages that can serve a party of eight. Fortune Fish & Gourmet, a firm that distributes fresh fish, seafood, pork, and gourmet culinary items, has introduced these kits this year.

    The centerpiece of the package is a five-pound pre-brined, ready-to-roast turkey breast. The meat comes from birds kept on tiny farms in the Amish community in free-range settings, with a diet of healthy grains and extra veggies. According to the meal package description, the compassionate approach results in a “supremely tasty turkey with an ample, tender breast.”

    Many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts are included in the meal kits, including cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, mac & cheese, cranberry relish, entire green beans, dinner rolls, an eight-inch apple pie, and an eight-inch pumpkin pie. If you choose the Fortune Gourmet option for Thanksgiving, all of these items will be delivered frozen to your door (shipping and handling are included in the $199.99 price). The exact specifications and proportions for each meal kit dish may be found on the Costco website.

    Customers may pre-order these Fortune Gourmet kits on the Costco website but take your time. The packages will be offered just while supplies last, and buyers must pre-order them by November 5 to have the meal kit delivered between November 8 and 17.

    Customers who want even more assistance with their Thanksgiving preparations can keep an eye out for the retailer’s oven-ready Thanksgiving meals next month. While they have yet to be observed in 2023, the dinners usually come in November.

    Even if tailored Thanksgiving dinners differ from your style, Costco provides many other holiday alternatives to help you celebrate this season. The shop has just begun offering five-pound packs of cubed gouda and cheddar cheese, ideal for Christmas parties.

    If you want to avoid making your own mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, Costco has introduced new pre-made Loaded Mashed Potatoes.

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