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Shake Shack Is Adding a New Menu Item

    Shake Shack Is Adding a New Menu Item

    Even though Shake Shack’s burgers and fries are great, the restaurant’s shakes are the only items that are more closely associated with the brand. It is very literally dubbed the Shack of Shakes, so it should come as no surprise that they are a trendy item.

    It is customary for Shake Shack to produce three new shakes for a short period during the Christmas season each year. Even though there is no need to be concerned about the restaurant offering a holiday menu this year, it does have a somewhat unusual twist.

    During the holiday season, Shake Shack collaborated with DreamWorks Animation to introduce a new milkshake menu based on the upcoming film “Trolls Band Together,” which will be released in cinemas on November 17th.

    The Shake with a Trolls theme is based on three characters from the new movie: Poppy, Branch, and Viva, a character who debuted in this third film. All of these characters have a Christmas twist to them. Therefore, beginning on November 1st, you will find Poppy’s Sugar Cookie Shake, Branch’s Chocolate Peppermint Shake, and Viva’s Cinnamon Roll Shake in Shake Shack locations nationwide.

    We went to the Innovation Kitchen at Shake Shack to sample the three-holiday menu items, and let’s say you may have to go to Shake Shack three times this season to test all of them as well.

    Let’s begin with the Sugar Cookie Shake, a fan favorite that is making a comeback. As is customary, this Shake is prepared with sugar cookie frozen custard; instead of the shortbread bits, it is topped with unique cookie dough pop candy, whipped cream, and cotton candy.

    This popping white chocolate-coated cookie dough candy was created just for the Shake, and we believe that from this point on, this Shake ought to be prepared using popping candy. It is safe to say that this one is a classic, and you can always make good decisions when it comes to classics.

    Next, the Chocolate Peppermint drink from Branch is a drink that is making a semi-return from 2019, but this time around, the recipe has been altered a little bit by Shake Shack’s Innovation Kitchen. For the first time, the restaurant will combine its chocolate and vanilla frozen custards in the Chocolate Peppermint Shake, which is typically exclusively produced with chocolate custard.

    This will be the first time that this combination has been done. In addition to that, it comes with mint fudge sauce, which has a signature chocolate-peppermint taste. To make it Branch’s Shake, however, it will be topped with whipped cream and mint candies that are blue and green in color, much like the troll.

    Those who are passionate about peppermint will find this Shake to be an excellent choice. The combination of chocolate and vanilla helps to subdue the decadent chocolate notes, allowing the peppermint to take center stage. On the other hand, it has a highly minty flavor; if you do not prefer it, you may want to try something different.

    Lastly, the Cinnamon Roll Shake is a brand-new product that can be found at Shake Shack, much like the Viva character herself. In this particular version, the frozen custard is scented with cinnamon rolls and swirled with golden icing. Finally, it is topped with whipped cream and gold confetti.

    In spite of the fact that it is a chilly delicacy, it has all of the satisfying tastes that you get from a warm cinnamon roll that is gooey. It is not excessively sweet and has a decent amount of spice, and it is certainly one that we would want Shake Shack to bring back for another holiday season.

    The Trolls holiday shakes, as well as special themed packaging, will be available until January. This means you will have plenty of time to see the DreamWorks takeover at your neighborhood Shake Shack. Additionally, you will have plenty of time to see the new “Trolls Band Together” movie, which isn’t just for kids, thanks to that new NSYNC song that we ’90s babies have been waiting years for.

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