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Popeyes Is Introducing a New Chicken Sandwich Today

    Popeyes Is Introducing a New Chicken Sandwich Today

    This morning, Popeyes debuted its most recent addition to its menu, which is a Blackened Chicken Sandwich that does not include breading. This sandwich is a tribute to the Louisiana roots of the brand.

    As Popeyes prepares to debut throughout the state, the company is extending an invitation to its competitors, pushing them to “emulate this” by publicly releasing the components of their sandwich.

    After the phenomenal success of Popeyes’ version of fried chicken sandwiches, which was the first to be introduced to the market in 2019, the challenge is a subtle criticism directed at the other operators that followed Popeyes’ example in offering fried chicken sandwiches.

    There is a widespread consensus that Popeyes, a firm founded in Miami, is the driving force behind the continuous competition among chicken sandwich restaurants that has been going on for many years.

    According to Amy Alarcon, who serves as the director of culinary innovation at Popeyes, the most recent addition to the chain’s products I am needed a period of four years to be meticulously refined.

    “I have named it the ‘Goldilocks Project’ because it required seven distinct iterations to achieve perfection,” according to her. “Initially, the filet was insufficient in size, subsequently, we encountered difficulty in infusing an adequate amount of flavor into the chicken.” The idea was to cover the outside surface with the spices while ensuring the fluids remained inside the interior.

    In the end, the victor emerged victorious. The Blackened Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes has a whole chicken breast that is marinated for twelve hours, which is a procedure comparable to the one used for the fried chicken sandwich available from the company.

    A mixture of Cajun and Creole seasonings, including three different kinds of pepper (black, white, and red), cumin, garlic, onions, and paprika for extra color, is then applied to the chicken. This mixture is then coated with the chicken.

    A blackening cooking procedure, which was pioneered by the well-known Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme, was another issue that the research and development team needed to solve. It is essential to correctly encapsulate the herbs and spices in order to achieve the desired results of enhancing the flavor of the chicken and producing a flavorful and crispy outside layer on the breast filet.

    The chicken breast that has been charred to perfection is then put on a brioche bun that has been prepared and toasted. It is then topped with a choice of either regular or hot mayonnaise and barrel-cured pickles that have been crisped up. In terms of cost, the sandwich is priced at $4.99.

    “It does not provide the authentic Nashville hot chicken experience,” according to Alarcon. On the contrary, it is a gourmet experience that reflects New Orleans restaurants’ culinary traditions.

    The Popeyes Rewards program users will get 200 extra points when they order this sandwich via the Popeyes app or website. These points may be redeemed for free standard fries in the following order that they remember.

    Customers of the fast-food restaurant may get the new Blackened Chicken Sandwich beginning Tuesday. Compared to the chain’s original fried chicken sandwich, the new menu item has 973 calories: The chain verified 1,122 calories.

    According to Popeyes, the new dish is seasoned with black pepper, cumin, red pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, white pepper, and salt.

    The breading-free sandwich, which starts at $4.99, mixes Cajun and Creole-seasoned tastes with a brioche bun and pickles. For a limited time, it’s available in Classic or Spicy, according to the chain’s website.

    The new Spicy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich may give the previous Spicy Chicken Sandwich a run for its money since it will be topped with TRUFF’s award-winning Spicy Mayo. TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo is a creamy mayonnaise created with spicy red jalapeno and mighty black winter truffle for a distinct taste profile that will complement Popeyes’ iconic fried chicken breast. The Spicy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich will also have Popeyes’ trademark barrel-cured pickles and brioche bread in addition to the new Spicy Mayo.

    Popeyes’ new menu item will be available nationally for a short time and will cost about $5.99, depending on the location.

    The sandwich, however, is one of many ways to experience TRUFF’s sauce. You may now get a side of TRUFF’s Spicy Mayo with any item on the Popeyes menu. It will be available as a side sauce on Popeyes’ website and app beginning October 17, or you can ask for it while ordering at the restaurant.

    This is the brand’s “fanciest collab yet,” which is why it’s also holding a contest with a fancy reward. The “So You Think You’re Fancy” game show-style contest is simple—record a TikTok video illustrating how you “get fancy” with your Spicy TRUFF Chicken Sandwich, and you’ll be eligible to win an invitation to an exclusive boat experience. Visit Popeyes’ website for more details on the contest.

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