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Over 100 Spirit Airlines Flights Were Recently Canceled

    Over 100 Spirit Airlines Flights Were Recently Canceled

    Typically, these phenomena are associated with meteorological conditions. On this occasion, the outcome differs.

    On Friday, Spirit Airlines implemented a ground stop on a total of 25 aircraft and proceeded to cancel several flights. This course of action was taken in response to a problem pertaining to the inspection process of the aforementioned airplanes.

    According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the aircraft were temporarily withdrawn for routine examination pertaining to the brackets on the airplane frame.

    The aircrafts will be prohibited from resuming operations under the auspices of Spirit until the regulatory body completes its comprehensive examinations of all onboard apparatus. In all, it has been determined that Spirit Airlines had to cancel 11 percent of its flight schedule for Friday.

    The inspections were described as standard procedures that were obligatory.

    Spirit Airlines issued a statement indicating that a subset of their planned flights has been cancelled in order to conduct an essential inspection on a specific segment of 25 of their aircraft.

    The anticipated duration of the network’s effect is likely to extend over a span of several days, during which inspections will be conducted and efforts will be made to restore operations to their usual state.

    Approximately 50% of canceled flights occurred on one of Spirit Airlines’ operational bases, namely at Orlando International Airport in Florida.

    Based on data obtained from the flight-tracking website, it was seen that Spirit Airlines had to cancel a total of 89 flights on Saturday, while an additional 86 planes had delays.

    As of Sunday afternoon, the airline has cancelled a total of 75 flights, while an additional 73 flights have experienced delays.

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