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Oreo Is Reintroducing Its Most Popular Flavor

    Oreo Is Reintroducing Its Most Popular Flavor

    We couldn’t help but notice one thing when we reported about Oreo bringing back its famous Cotton Candy cookie in the spring: fans were still screaming for an utterly other taste. Following the social media post that hinted at its comeback, several commenters suspected that Oreo would bring back a flavor that was very popular among their customers. That particular post was not the only one.

    The cookie manufacturer claims that this taste has been the most requested flavor in the history of the company. At this moment, it is coming back for a short period. Fans of Oreos rejoice because the Red Velvet Oreo has made a comeback!

    Initially introduced to the market in 2015, Red Velvet Oreos are now returning to grocery store shelves for the first time since 2020. With a red-colored, red velvet-flavored cookie foundation and a cream cheese-flavored crème filling, the cookies will have the same cake-inspired flavor that fans are familiar with and like.

    In June, Oreo tweeted a mysterious image of a bag of Red Velvet Oreo cookies with the statement, “When the world needed them most, they vanished.” This was the first indication that the flavor was on its way to being brought back to the stores. The responses from the fans were crazy, and they demanded that Oreo get them back. Even other brands started to weigh in. The reply made by Simply Beverages was, “Simply bring them back then,” and the response given by OREO was, “We’ll see.”

    On the other hand, the supporters will be overjoyed to learn the news. For the last week, Oreo has been providing teases of the flavor that would be returning, and some of its more discerning customers have already caught on. “RED VELVET’S RETURN?????????,” a fan said in their comment. Adding, “Please, if red velvet is coming back, I might pass away,” another person said very dramatically.

    For every tweet that Oreo sends out, someone responds with a message pleading, begging, and even praying for the cookies to find their way back. In addition, Oreo was paying attention and was more than happy to provide its clients with what they wanted.

    Beginning on September 12, people will be able to purchase limited-edition cookies throughout the country, most likely at any location where Oreo cookies are sold. It is recommended that you run rather than walk if you are a lover of the red cookie since Red Velvet Oreos are only available for a limited time while supplies remain.

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